Landing Page Framework

Landing Page Framework


Make sure to go through the video AND material below - NOT only the video. There is a lot of content frequently added to this course - as well as additional systems you can implement. Enjoy!


If you are growing an online audience, you’ll own a website at some point.

For your inspiration - here’s my website:

Before I dive in - I use Typedream for my website.

Home Page:

The home landing-page is the most important part of your website.

It’s your audiences’ first impression. This makes or breaks a potential sale. You have 3-5 seconds before they leave your site.

Here’s a breakdown of my newest design with a very high conversion rate:

  • Personal Logo at the Top
  • Social Proof + What My Newsletter is About
  • Testimonial (Social Proof)
  • Transparency of What to Expect
  • Beehiiv Embed (Capture Emails)
  • “Join Thousands of Other Creators” - (Visual Social Proof)

There is nothing more on the page.

The only thing I want my audience to do is give me their email. There is no confusing webflow. There’s no crazy images or interface.

The landing-page is simple - straight to the point - and impossible for my audience to get confused on the next step.


Digital Product Waitlist:

You can build a waitlist for anything, it doesn’t have to be digital products.

In the creator economy, hype is very important. Talk about your new offers before the launch. During the launch. And after the launch.

Before I launched this course, I built a waitlist.

Very similar style to my home-page:

  • For “Creators” - Who the Course is For
  • “How I Went From” - Social Proof of What I Did
  • “Notified” - Capturing Emails for Early Emails
  • “Join the Waitlist” - Let My Audience Know What They’ll Get
  • “Join Thousands of Other Creators” - (Visual Social Proof)

Again, this page is simple, straight to the point, no confusing web flow.

If you launch a product, create a waitlist.


Lead Magnets (Free Stuff):

“Alex, what If I’m just starting and don’t have any social proof?”

Build free products. This is your ticket into getting testimonials. Your free content should be better than most paid courses.

I currently have one free lead magnet: My FREE 5-Day Email Course

They cost $0. All you have to do is give me your email.

Notice how everything I’ve shown you so far leads to capturing emails? Focus on building your email list. When done properly, most of your revenue should come from that list.


I strive for beautiful designs.

Even my free content is visually appealing. I use colorful gradients across my various forms of content.

As my audience goes through the email course:

  • End Email Sequence w/ Paid Offer CTAs
  • At the End - Showcase Price, Reviews, and CTA

Landing Page ➟ Email List ➟ Lead Magnet ➟ Paid Offer ➟ $$$


Free Online Guides: Built using Typedream platform ($15 / Month).

Free 5-Day Email Course: Built using Beehiiv platform ($99 / Month).

Website Banner (Sticky):

I’ve tested many ways to showcase the following:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Services
  • Course
  • Discord

I found that the best results came from a sticky header.

It should blend in nicely to your website, but still be noticable at a quick glance.

Remember, don’t bombard your audience with a ton of information. Display what is most important and leave it at that.


Mobile Friendly:

Your website must be mobile friendly.

It’s estimated that 59% of web traffic is on a mobile device. Especially for people browsing social media. Which means that is a lot of your audience (most likely).

I’m going to say this again, OPTIMIZE FOR MOBILE.


Discovery Calls:

I use Calendly for Discover Calls.

What does that mean?

My audience can schedule calls directly from my website. It takes 30 seconds to schedule a call with me. This gives me the opportunity to get content ideas, offer my services, and build connections.

It’s a win-win for myself and my audience.


Announcement Banner:

This is by far one of the easiest ways to get more sales.

Introducing, the announcement banner:


I created this using RightMessage. Before this course went up in price, I had this banner at the top of my website when a user scrolled down the page. This creates a sense of “urgency” around purchasing the course before it goes up in price.

You can use these banners for the following:

  • Price Announcements
  • Discount Code Announcements
  • New Social Media Post Announcements

Don’t limit yourself.

Paid Product Landing Pages:

I’m going to assume you will eventually have a paid product (maybe you already do).

Confusing landing pages will not help you convert, especially on your paid product pages.

Here’s what you need:

  • Social Proof
  • Storytelling
  • Idea Behind Product
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials
  • UI/UX


Now, you don’t need to be super intricate about it.

You’re going through this course right now, what made you buy it?

I showcased a solution to a problem that you have. Don’t overcomplicate your paid offers. Address one problem. Provide a solution.

Give away knowledge. Sell the implementation.

Here are two examples of excellent copy I used on my course landing page:

From spending 5 hours a day to 1 hour a week creating better content.

If you want to sell a product or service, don’t showcase the product you are selling, showcase the outcome.


Another example I used was the following:

This course won’t teach you how to make $100,000 in 2 weeks.

Again, you need to stand out from the thousands of other products online. This statement is pure honesty.


Be real with your potential customers and showcase exactly what they will expect when purchasing your product/service.


You might get a new customer just because you have an abundance of testimonials.

So, how do you get them?

Let’s start with creators who don’t have any (yet). Don’t make fake ones and lie about your stats. This is super obvious and not organic.

Use Discovery Calls. Free Lead Magnets. I mentioned both of these earlier in the module.

Once your audience goes through your lead magnet or finishes a call with you, ask for a testimonial.

Here’s what I do after my free growth calls:

Hey [First Name] - if you have a moment - would appreciate a testimonial for our quick discussion call we had. If I had any impact on your online pursuits, I’d love to throw it up on my website! 👀 [Testimonial Link Here]


Use - it’s super easy to integrate directly into your website.

You can request both text and video testimonials. I recommend the “Wall of Love” page as it displays every testimonial you have. You can even customize the colors, style, and background of each one.


Actionable Tips After You Watched the Video:

  1. Purchase your domain. I used my first + last name + dot com. I’ve also seen creators put the word “the” before their name.
  2. For my website, I use Typedream. It’s $15 a month and provides you with a simple, no-code solution to develop your website, products, and forms. If you compare to other services, this is a great deal for everything you get.
  3. If you sell products, it’s only a 2% fee for each purchase. Not bad.
  4. Create your Home Page (landing page).
  5. Create your Offer Page (extensive information on the offer).
  6. Include free resources when user's sign-up for your newsletter or have a page where your audience can get it for free in return for their email.
  7. In your free resources, plug your paid offer multiple times, without being annoying about it.
  8. Your goal is to provide so much value in your free resources, that they cannot wait for the paid resources.

If you choose to use Typedream, reach out to me. I’ve spent many hours on the platform and know almost everything there is to know about product creation, building landing pages, and creating forms.


If you’d like personalized guidance - there are 2 additional ways I can help you:

1. Coaching Session w/ Alex: If you’re looking for most efficient way to take your online brand/business to the next level - 1:1 coaching is the way to go. Book a time that works for you and let’s take your business to the next level.

2. Personal Branding & Copywriting Services: I'll write your content, build back-end systems, grow your email list, and scale your online business allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter.