Revenue Scripts

Revenue Scripts

Below you will find the revenue scripts I use to generate a large portion of my monthly revenue. If you are looking for a revenue script that isn’t on here, reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord, and I’ll work with you individually.

Online Course:

The goal here is to drive sales towards the Growth OS Course ⬇️

You are going to find immense value in The Growth OS Program.

It's a culmination of 8 years of my journey as a founder, distilled into an 8-module comprehensive course. You’ll get thousands of hours' worth of knowledge and experience without spending thousands of hours yourself.

You won't be alone on this journey. You’ll have access to a thriving community of over 200 creators. These are bright minds shaping the future of eCommerce, online courses, coaching, and more.

In this course, I share hands-on tactics that empower creators like you. We'll craft a solid content strategy together, equip you with proven tools and growth playbooks, and clarify your vision. Above all, I'll guide you on how to regain your time, so you can enjoy what truly matters in life.

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The Growth OS Program is your shortcut to 8 years of creator experience, condensed into video a course. Join a network of 200+ creators, craft your content strategy, and reclaim your time. It's the growth catalyst you need:
What if you could fast-forward through years of trial and error as a creator? The Growth OS course is your time machine. It encapsulates 8 years of my hands-on experience and distilled wisdom into a video course.

But it's more than just a course—it's your gateway into an exclusive community of over 200 like-minded founders. Imagine yourself among leaders in eCommerce, online courses, and coaching, collectively driving each other towards success.

We'll unlock the power of strategic content, equip you with growth tools and playbooks, and hone your vision into focus. And the best part? You'll learn how to master your time, giving you the freedom to enjoy life beyond work.

Don't just dream about growth—actualize it. Start your journey here:

I’ve used all three of these scripts.

My success rate is roughly 79%. I usually start with a 20-minute consulting call. I then get to understand my potential client- provide them my free resources.

Lastly - I’ll follow up the next day with the script.

Remember - once you convert an audience member to a paying customer - treat them like they are your first customer.

In order to get repeat customers - I always follow up asking if my customers have questions, need help with anything, etc. I also upsell other products I have via my paid email list after 1-2 weeks.

If your paid products are packed w/ value - there’s no reason why your current customers wouldn’t want to purchase your coaching service, cohort, or whatever else you offer.

Growth OS Newsletter:

The goal here is to get 50,000 newsletter subscribers for The Growth Innovator ⬇️

Immerse yourself in the wealth of insights and effective systems I reveal in my free weekly newsletter. Subscribing won't cost you anything, but the value you'll derive could be immeasurable. I'm eager to hear what you think.
Every Wednesday, I unravel one business growth tip that could be a game-changer in my newsletter. I believe it could be a valuable addition to your weekly routine.
Unleash business growth every Wednesday with my free tip-packed newsletter. Start benefiting today:

I use these scripts daily.

My success rate is close to 90%. Almost every time I reach out to an individual in my audience… They sign-up right away.

Personalized outreach goes a long way.